Analyzes the files stored on the DVR's HDDs for PC viewing
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Views the images stored on the HDDs of the supported DVR's. Connects the HDD with the proprietary file system to a PC and it will automatically scan its contents and display the images stored. Exports the image files to other formats as well (AVI, KPEG, or BMP).

Main idea of using DVR HDD Reader is to view the images from DVR’s HDD on the PC. By simply taking out the HDD from DVR and placing the HDD into the PC, DVR Reader will automatically read the image from the HDD. The software also brings several features including saving image in AVI file, KPEG file or BMP file. KPEG file format is invented by our company engineers and its file size is 5~10% of AVI files. The main disadvantage of using the AVI file format were the file size as well as saving time.
Printing and searching images are available with the software. Most of current users save the important materials in either moving or stationary image into CD by utilizing CD-writer.

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